The Snowball Effect

Shena Maricotte liked order. She liked being in control. She liked keeping her feet firmly on Terra Firma. Unfortunately, when an odd alert on an antiquated computer system suggests that all is not well, she’s plunged into an adventure far beyond her imaginings.

Dismissed as being as irrelevant as those old computers, Shena tracks down a mysterious figure she’s barely heard of. A man that she’s seen before at the Pentagon, but not like any agent or formal staff. Her intuition and need to be taken seriously leads her to his secluded cabin.

Once there, things don’t go well. She crosses Rebecca, meets a dragon, and Sebastian turns out not to be the man she thought he was. Like a whirlwind, the man realises the danger that they’re in and where they need to go. There’s trouble on the moon, and Shena’s feet would find themselves praying that they could find their way back to Earth.

On the moon, Shena and Sebastian discover a plot that could result in the destruction of Earth whilst Rebecca finds someone who has almost as much power over people’s lives as she does.

The Snowball Effect is the first instalment of The Snowball Effect and is followed by Temporal Crashdown and Clipped Wings .

The Keeper of Time is an ongoing series of science fiction adventures with a hint of romance.

Some adult scenes may be inappropriate for young readers.