I started the year well, on target for 6,000km but I “sensibly” chose 5,000km instead. Good job I did because my eagerness to improve my running saw the occasional “overuse” issue that caused me to back off on my running, especially during the middle of the year. By the time […]

2019 Running Summary

Adidas Adizero RC
Ever since Adidas began moving their more premium products towards their “Boost” technology, I’ve pretty much stuck with their Supernova Sequence (for durability) and Ultraboost (for comfort and pace). With the former of those no longer existing, and the latter turning into a “sock” design of dubious benefit, today I […]

Adidas Adizero RC

And so ends my continuous everyday running (RED). I didn’t start running every day with any plan or expectation. I just ran every day for the last couple of weeks of December, knowing I’d eat more over Christmas and I wanted to burn what I ate. Then January started and […]

One Hundred Days of Running