We live in a strange society whereby enough people are prepared to pay over £3 for a single cup of coffee that there are coffee outlets swarming over the High Streets like a plague across the land, whilst others are wondering if they’ll find another £3 to replace their jar […]

The Coffee Quandary

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here. Admittedly, I’ve recently been side-tracked with my person Upskilling Journey over on code:Runner(UK), which has preoccupied me for the last couple of months. That’s only really one part of it, though. It occurs to me that the main reason is […]


The legacy of last year’s “three months of agony” forcing me into doing 3x3km daily walks… (Originally posted on Facebook.)

Longest Move Streak

When it’s a choice between a thimble sized amount of ink for your printer, or eating for a week, something isn’t right…

Something isn’t right…

Last online shopping day before my birthday, so had to get my cake early. Didn’t have a lot of options from Morrisons, so ended up with this one (mainly as it was on a “flash sale”). Sadly, such are the ridiculously short “use by dates” these days, it’ll need eating […]

Birthday planning

Amazed to see all the hundreds of cars choking up the roads this morning on my run. A warm sunny day of blue skies, and so many people decide the best thing to do on such a day is to drive sardine cans through congested streets. I wondered why it […]

Fuel prices

2,000 calorie Hoblingwell parkrun. My 375th, their 180th. Only good enough for 22:18 and 8th place. Bunch of fast runners took the first 7 places. They were well down the road. Must have had their Ready Brek this morning.

375th parkrun (Hoblingwell #180)