The Three Deaths of Piper Gwyn

When a perfectly normal apartment block turns thoroughly un-normal and Piper Gwyn sees her own death, she knows there’s only person she can talk to.  Well, one person and his intriguing new alien friend.

Investigating the incident sees Rebecca transported to an alien world on the edge of an ice age.  Left on Earth, Sebastian faces off against a cyborg hunter from the future and is surprised that it’s accompanied by Jo Etheridge.

Helping the alien race to save themselves from certain destruction, Rebecca travels vast distances, ends up at a slave auction, and finally used as fodder at a School for Assassins.

When Sebastian links Piper’s death with an Assassin’s League, he needs Jo’s help to defeat her cyborg companion.  They discover that the League is about more than just surgical removal of individuals from history.  They have the ability to manipulate the past and, to a time traveller like Sebastian, that rings far too many warning bells.

Before he’s able to deal the with League, Sebastian joins back up with Rebecca but Rebecca’s use of the Keepership is proving to be a destructive experience.  As far as Time is concerned, people are of no relevance.  They’re like the flotsam and jetsom of the time stream. And Sebastian is in its sights…

The Three Deaths of Piper Gwyn is the sequel to Murder! at Etheridge Hall.

The Keeper of Time is a continuing series of science fiction adventures with a hint of romance.
Some adult scenes may be inappropriate for young readers.