The Abandoned

Surviving the aftermath of Earth’s war in her own way, Mindy Westerfield is asked by Inspector Brinks to track down a scarred killer.  She claims not to recognise him in a photo, but it’s a face from the distant past that she needs to confront if she’s to move on with her life.

Nick Albason wonders why a crystal is valuable enough that it required him to kill everyone in a village.  His investigation leads him to a crippled alien scientist and, in turn, to a confrontation with Mindy.  The confrontation turns into a battle of passions.

Instead of turning him in, Mindy helps Nick discover more about the crystal.  Her efforts brings her into the clutches of the self-absorbed security chief at Future Industries, a man orchestrating illegal experiments on humans in an effort to create the ultimate super soldier.

When Mindy is forced to participate in the experiments, she encounters her predecessor and an armoured robot that sees humans as a problem to be eliminated.

Meanwhile, Nick discovers that he has his own demons to face and his only salvation is through the unique way that Mindy has of handling him.

In an adventure that explores the origin of Hunter, through familiar locations of past adventures, onto environments of alien sailing ships, culminating in a final explosive showdown, The Abandoned is a passionate action-packed journey into the lives of two different, but remarkably similar, orphans of Earth’s war.

When Nick and Mindy get together, sparks fly, explosions ensue, but there can only be one possible outcome…

The Abandoned is the first spin-off from the series not to feature The Keeper of Time.  This story includes the origin of Hunter.

The Keeper of Time is a continuing series of science fiction adventures with a hint of romance.
The spin-off adventures tell further tales of characters that are affected by the primary stories.
Some adult scenes may be inappropriate for young readers.