Who Is Summer?

2015-10-09 17.28.30Summer, the doggie that has an opinion on everything that isn’t worth having an opinion on, came into my life in 2014 shortly after I lost my previous doggie, Alfie.

Sometimes known as “fluffball”, “scruffbot”, “poggly-doodles”, “scruff monster”, “Miss Grumbly”, and anything else that seems appropriate at the time, Summer is a friend to all postmen (no, really!) and anyone else she meets.

If you meet Summer on her walkies, you’ll know about it immediately.  If you’re across the road, she’ll sit down and mesmerise you with her eyes until you give her some attention.  Failure to do so will resort in her secret weapon – she’ll roll onto her back for tummy-tickles.  Once unleashed, this secret weapon will ensnare you and you’ll never get away.  Many a time the postman has been delayed because Summer deployed her secret weapon.  Often times people working in their gardens have been forced to stop work, drawn in by the tummy-tickle WMD.

If you do make friends with her, be prepared for oodles of licks and kisses.  Summer never forgets her friends.  She’s not too keen on other doggies, particularly if there’s more than one (I think she understands what she calls “hoomons” far better than she understands other doggies).

When Summer noticed that my writing blog wasn’t being updated as frequently as it should, she decided to hijack it for her own purposes.  You’ll find an increasing number of Summer’s “words of wisdom” as she transfers her Facebook posts over onto this blog.  I’m hoping she’ll free up a bit of space when I have some progress regarding my writings to post.