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The universe is a fragile place, kept in balance by two of the most powerful entities ever known to have existed. Space is non-sentient and easy to control. Time is sentient, but it doesn’t understand control. If left to its own will, Time would break down and destroy known Space.

At the dawn of Time came The Keeper, a linear mortal entity whose only function was to keep Time under control. Such control requires enormous effort and each Keeper must choose their successor within five centuries, before they die.

Many non-Linear entities fail to understand the reason for such control and they crave that power to escape their inherent bonds of restriction.

Now is the time for the current Keeper to die, but he broke the rules and lost his successor. Time is in flux and the non-Linear entities are ready to exploit this time of change.

Please note that most of my books are in a state of revision/rewrite/WIP and are not available for download at this time.

The Dreams and The Death
(approx. 170K words, 500 pages)

A girl who has no future beyond death and a man with no purpose in his life meet in the strangest of places.

When ‘The Keeper of Time’ dies and the girl becomes his reluctant successor, they will both need their skills and desires to overcome powerful adversaries, a shapeless alien creature, and squadrons of pirate raiders.

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The action-packed beginning of ‘The Keeper of Time’.

Murder! at Etheridge Hall

(approx. 100K words, 300 pages)

When Prentis Etheridge wanted to hold the inaugural murder mystery weekend at Etheridge Hall, he invited people from different walks of life.

He didn’t invite a time traveller, a cyborg from the future, a nubile woodland nymph, an alien lost soul, an assassin, armed street hoods, ghosts, or a girl with control over all of creation.

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Part one of a two-part adventure.

The Three Deaths of Piper Gwyn
(120K+ words, N/A pages)

Piper Gwyn thought that she had an easy life with an employer that paid so much for so little, but, when his world encroaches on hers, she encounters murderous assassins, time travelling cyborgs, and her own death.

Meanwhile, Rebecca learns that saving a species from extinction isn’t just a man’s job.

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Part two of a two-part adventure.

Note: This book is a Work-In-Progress.

The Snowball Effect, part 1
(approx. 40K words, 130 pages)

Little was the naïve Federal Agent Shena Maricotte to know that a tiny flashing light on an obscure computer would lead her on the path to an epic journey of high adventure.

Once on that path, she meets Sebastian Jones, the mysterious Rebecca, aliens from a distant world, and the Galactic President. Her life would never be the same again.

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Part one of ‘The Snowball Effect’ trilogy.

Note: This book is scheduled for a rewrite.

The Snowball Effect, part 2 – Temporal Crashdown
(approx. 60K words, 180 pages)

Has the Snowball Effect ended, or has the avalanche only just begun?

Federal Agent Shena Maricotte finds herself literally out of her depth and Sebastian discovers that, though beaten, the Ventrisee shouldn’t be underestimated.

Meanwhile, Rebecca investigates rogue happenings that lead her to a dangerous time experiment on Earth.

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Part two of ‘The Snowball Effect’ trilogy.

Note: This book is scheduled for a rewrite.

The Snowball Effect, part 3 – Clipped Wings
(approx. 117K words, 340 pages)

She didn’t want the Keepership, she didn’t want the responsibility, but now, when she needs it the most, it’s not there for her.

Rebecca faces her toughest challenge since leaving her homeworld while Sebastian discovers a future for Earth that he hadn’t foreseen. Meanwhile, Sebastian needs to call on all of his resources to ensure that Earth has a future and we discover who was really responsible for the Snowball Effect.

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Part three of ‘The Snowball Effect’ trilogy.

The Abandoned
(approx. 125K words, 360 pages)

The attacks on Earth have stopped, the war has paused, but not all of the victims are dead.

With new schemes underway in preparation for the next attack and inhumane experiments on the unwary, a killer and a street urchin become unlikely heroes in Earth’s best and only hope for salvation.

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This story includes the origin of Hunter, and does not feature Rebecca or Sebastian.

The Curupiri Elixir
(approx. 143,500K words, N/A pages)

Not all of the galaxy’s problems are easy to deal with, not even when you know someone who can control all of creation.

This multi-part story takes place in multiple timelines and on multiple planets.

Mindy is betrayed when she discovers a plan of alien infiltration on Earth. Nick’s skills are tested to the extreme on the moon. Sebastian is trapped in the past, with a girl he’d forgotten. Where is Rebecca? And what does this have to do with the Curupiri?

Note: This book is a work-in-progress.

Please note that some stories contain adult scenes that may be inappropriate for young readers.

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