Temporal Crashdown

The Earth is safe, or so Sebastian thinks until his moon surface serenade of Rebecca is interrupted by an escaping Ventrisee vessel. He and Shena chase the ship back down to Earth, leaving Rebecca with her thoughts as she senses something isn’t quite right with fabric of her surroundings.

A dogfight leaves Sebastian and Shena crashing on an island that’s not as deserted as it should be. They run into the after effects of a time experiment, the same time experiments that Rebecca detected on the moon.

Rebecca follows the ripples of the time experiment a few days into the past, to the same island. She locates a scientist that lost her colleagues, a hunter that’s frustrated by the lack of game on the island, and their boss who distrusts everyone.

Back in the present, not even the presence of a giant dinosaur is enough to prevent the Ventrisee from enacting their final, desperate plan. They chose this island for a reason, and they plan to tap it to ensure the destruction of the human race…

Temporal Crashdown is the second part of a trilogy that began with The Snowball Effect and ends with Clipped Wings.

The Keeper of Time is an ongoing series of science fiction adventures with a hint of romance.

Some adult scenes may be inappropriate for young readers.