The Dreams and The Death

This first adventure opens with a time travelling adventurer hunting for a power source on an asteroid technology centre of the future whilst, on Narrethea, a young woman is caught, captured, and sentence to die in the next cull.

The current Keeper of Time is nearing the end of his time, and he hasn’t yet secured his replacement. Even the Keeper has a finite lifespan.  Without a Keeper, the devastating power of Time will charge out of control.  Where one careless thought could wipe out a whole galaxy, Time needs its Keeper.

When a student is infected by an alien that seeks possession of Sebastian’s time machine, they both end up on a communications space ship only to discover that this falls into the plans of the alien.

On learning that her family has been killed, Rebecca seeks to save her one remaining relative – her grandfather.  Her powers are growing out of her control, but she finds help from an alien visitor.  Delayed by the primitive society of the Hill People, Rebecca faces an entity that will do anything to obtain the Keepership before she establishes effective control whilst Sebastian uncovers a hibernating dragon.

In the future, Sebastian and Rebecca assist a spaceship that’s under attack from an unknown pirate fleet.  Rebecca finds herself trapped a century out of time, in a time after events manipulated by the alien entity, told that she must not change her own past.  Meanwhile, a strange silver figure is seen controlling events behind the scenes.

In this action-packed first story of the series, we discover the strange link between Sebastian and Rebecca, portents of the future, and signs of that which is to come.

The Keeper of Time is an ongoing series of science fiction adventures with a hint of romance.
Some adult scenes may be inappropriate for young readers.