Novelling on my iPad

In my seemingly never-ending quest to write on my iPad, I recently began investigating Storyist for iPad.

There are many text document apps for the iPad and my favourite “quick writing” app has been Writings.  That offers a pleasing but basic interface and is able to keep documents together (such as separate chapters), while also having a quick-save to Dropbox feature.  It’ll probably be the app I continue to use to do the actual writing of scenes.

Storyist offers a more feature-rich solution.  It works with RTF documents rather than TXT ones, has cards to better organise scenes and get an overview of the whole story, and other cards/folders to keep characters and other plot devices organised.

I’m using it at present to read through my work so far and make minor corrections.  Storyist has a handy “post-it note” style comment system which is useful for making notes on changes I’ll need to make later in the editing stage.

The only negative thing I’ve found so far is that you need to come out of the project in order to save it to Dropbox.  On a 180,000 word project, that’s quite a lengthy task that interrupts the flow too much.  That could make all the difference when it comes to doing the actual writing.