Having finished listening to the first season of Big Finish‘s full-cast audio Blakes 7 adventures, with Caged effectively tying up that series of adventures, the only other full-cast episode I have at the moment is the opening episode of season 2 : Scimitar.  Season 2 is set during the third […]

B7 2.01 – Scimitar

Following directly on from Fury from the Deep, the Doctor and Jamie leave Victoria behind as they begin their new adventure at The Wheel in Space. I watched this adventure in various ways.  There are two episodes that exist which are, obviously, the best way to watch the story.  The […]

203-208. The Wheel in Space

The previous adventure, Cold Fury, ended on the cliffhanger of Travis on board the Liberator demanding Blake’s surrender.  The final adventure of Big Finish‘s first season of full-cast Blakes 7 adventures opens with Blake having his wounds patched up by Cally, whilst Jenna and Avon are being subjected to Travis’ […]

B7 1.06 – Caged

Following on almost directly after the previous adventure, Mirror, Cold Fury opens with Vila having apparently escaped Travis’ grasp just long enough to send an audio signal with location beacon to the Liberator.  He’s then locked up again, and suffers Travis asking him to tell him something which Vila is […]

B7 1.05 – Cold Fury

  Following on from the previous adventure, Drones, Mirror, by Peter Anghelides, is the fourth in the first series of full-cast Blakes 7 audio adventures from Big Finish.  Released in April 2014, Drones features all surviving members of the original Blakes 7 cast ably assisted by Alistair Lock as Orac […]

B7 1.04 – Mirror

The third adventure in the first series of Big Finish‘s Blakes 7 full-cast audio adventures, Drones by Marc Platt, follows on directly from the previous adventure, Battleground.  Released in March 2014, Drones features all surviving members of the original Blakes 7 cast ably assisted by Alistair Lock as Orac and […]

B7 1.03 – Drones

Set after Fractures, Battleground is the second full-cast audio adventure of Blakes 7 from Big Finish, not-counting the 2013 Warship adventure.  Written by Andrew Smith and released in February 2014, Battleground features all surviving members of the original Blakes 7 cast. Blake (Gareth Thomas) is tracking down Alexa Michelov (Abigail […]

B7 1.02 – Battleground

The penultimate adventure from Patrick Troughton’s second season as Doctor Who no longer exists in the BBC archives, and so I’ve been watching the episodes thanks to the telesnap reconstruction by Loose Cannon.  Fury from the Deep features the second Doctor alongside Jamie and Victoria, and was to see Victoria […]

197-202. Fury from the Deep

Gardeners’ Worlds is the second in the seventh series of Short Trips, a range of narrated audiobooks from Big Finish.  At 36-minutes long, Gardeners’ World lives up to the “short” part of the range title. Set in the Third Doctor’s era and narrated by Tim Treloar, who continues his excellent […]

DWST7.02 – Gardeners’ Worlds

Crime of the Century by Andrew Cartmel is one of the “lost stories” that was planned for the TV series but didn’t make it to the screen due to the series’ cancellation.  Here we have Big Finish‘s audio version.  This is a difficult story to describe, as it doesn’t seem […]

LS2.04 – Crime of the Century

The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes from 2014 is the fourth box-set in Big Finish‘s range of Sherlock Holmes adventures that star Nicholas Briggs as Sherlock Holmes and Richard Earl as Doctor Watson. In release terms, it follows on from The Ordeals of Sherlock Holmes but, as with just about all […]

4. The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes

I bought Thin Ice from Big Finish‘s range of audio ‘Lost Stories’ during a special offer in 2014, but I hadn’t got around to listening to it.  Now that I’ve listened to UNIT: Dominion and I’m more familiar with Raine Creevey as the 7th Doctor’s companion, it seemed like the […]

LS2.03 – Thin Ice