Philips DVDR70

Philips DVDR70 Multi Region Capable DVD Recorder

I bought the DVDR70 from Amazon just before Christmas 2003 (a year ago). It’s work fine since day one. I record on it at least once a day, frequently moreso, and it’s never failed.

I was making the change from VHS to DVDR and I wanted something uncomplicated but with the advantages of DVD recording. This is what the DVDR70 gave me. If you’re used to putting in a video tape and hitting “record”, then you’ll be able to use the DVDR70. Just put in a DVD+RW and hit “record”. That’s all there is to it.

There are other extra features like trimming up your recordings and chapter-hiding (useful for stopping commercial breaks from showing during playback). Once recorded, you end up with a nice little thumbnail menu screen with text space for your own titles and thumbnail pictures of the titles which you can change if you wish.

At the current price, the DVDR70 is too good to miss. I’ll be buying “Philips” next time…