The phrase “Buy Me A Coffee” is one that perpetually baffles me, because what one person expects to pay for a cup of coffee is seemingly a chasm away from what is a sensible price for a cup of coffee. Yesterday I stumbled across a site that models itself on […]

Buy Me A … ?

I started the year well, on target for 6,000km but I “sensibly” chose 5,000km instead. Good job I did because my eagerness to improve my running saw the occasional “overuse” issue that caused me to back off on my running, especially during the middle of the year. By the time […]

2019 Running Summary

Having not been hugely impressed (read: not at all) with Adidas current generation of Ultraboost running shoes (going from a comfortable & fast running shoe to a loose sock that barely holds your foot), and the previous version being mostly unavailable, I chose this time to go for a good […]

Adidas Ultraboost S&L

Adidas Adizero RC
Ever since Adidas began moving their more premium products towards their “Boost” technology, I’ve pretty much stuck with their Supernova Sequence (for durability) and Ultraboost (for comfort and pace). With the former of those no longer existing, and the latter turning into a “sock” design of dubious benefit, today I […]

Adidas Adizero RC

Doctor Who Unbound from Big Finish are “What if?” style adventures – things that wouldn’t happen in-canon, but contain interesting themes to explore.  I’ve listened to a couple before – Masters of War and Sympathy for the Devil – in which David Warner’s 3rd Doctor didn’t become scientific adviser to […]

He Jests At Scars

The latest newsletter from Big Finish offers a free download of episode one of The Third Doctor Adventures, volume 5. For some time, Big Finish have been producing Third Doctor adventures with the late Jon Pertwee replaced by the vocal talents of Tim Treloar. This Third Doctor has been joined […]

5.1A. Doctor Who: Primord Part 1

And so ends my continuous everyday running (RED). I didn’t start running every day with any plan or expectation. I just ran every day for the last couple of weeks of December, knowing I’d eat more over Christmas and I wanted to burn what I ate. Then January started and […]

One Hundred Days of Running

Having recently listened to The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure and being thoroughly confused about the new companion Constance Clarke, I surprised myself to discover that I had Criss-Cross in my collection.  Criss-Cross, from Big Finish‘s Doctor Who Main Range, was released in September 2015 and introduces Constance Clarke.  It […]

204. Criss-Cross