The Mind Robber, from 1968, is the second adventure in season 6 of Doctor Who.  Starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor, together with Frazer Hines as Jamie, Wendy Padbury as Zoe, and supported by Emrys Jones as The Master and Bernard Horsfall as Gulliver. Escaping from the volcano of the […]

214-218. The Mind Robber

In some circles, the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who is known as “the monster era” and, if you look to his first two years the adventures are filled with Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti, Ice Warriors, and much more.  It’s probably a reputation that’s deserving.  Sad, though, that most of those […]

209-213. The Dominators

The penultimate adventure from Patrick Troughton’s second season as Doctor Who no longer exists in the BBC archives, and so I’ve been watching the episodes thanks to the telesnap reconstruction by Loose Cannon.  Fury from the Deep features the second Doctor alongside Jamie and Victoria, and was to see Victoria […]

197-202. Fury from the Deep

Last night saw Channel 4 show the first in a televised series of Philip K Dick’s works, entitled Electric Dreams. The first episode, The Hood Maker, sees a cop and a telepath join forces in a dystopian future on the brink of a potential war between “normals” and “teeps”. I’m […]

The Hood Maker

The fourth episode of season four of The Adventures of Superboy continues the theme of “doubles”, this time with two Lana Langs.  The Basement sees Lana investigating an old house, wherein she is trapped by an alien entity who steals her identity. This time this episode allows Stacy Haiduk a […]

4.04 The Basement

From season four of The Adventures of Superboy comes The Kryptonite Kid starring Gerard Christopher as Superboy / Clark Kent and Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang.  The episode opens with a scientist trying to partially neutralise Kryptonite to make it safe for Superboy, but the experiment goes awry and a young man becomes […]

4.03 The Kryptonite Kid

Previously: The Enemy of the World, episode 1… The Doctor’s rushed ruse proves to be effective, and he agrees to discover more about Salamander.  He wants to prove to himself that Salamander is as bad as he’s painted before he’s ready to take any provocative action. Astrid already has a […]

186. The Enemy of the World, episode 2

Previously: The Ice Warriors, episode 4-6… The first episode of The Enemy of the World begins stylistically different to most other classic Doctor Who adventures, in that most of the episode is an action piece filmed on location.  This isn’t just your usual quarry used as a backdrop for lots of talking.  […]

185. The Enemy of the World, episode 1

Previously: The Ice Warriors, episode 1-3… Using the ice set to its best advantage, we get a fantastic sequence of Victoria running from an Ice Warrior and then inadvertently using her, by now infamous, scream to trap it. The Doctor figures out a means of defence against the Ice Warriors, […]

182-184. The Ice Warriors, episode 4-6

Doctor Who, season 5 continues … The Ice Warriors begins in a fashion that would become typical of Earth-based futuristic adventures.  The Earth is under threat of some catastrophe (in this instance, a man made disaster in the waiting threatens the ice sheets melting).  The adventure opens in the control […]

179-181. The Ice Warriors, episode 1-3

Doctor Who, season 5 continues … The Abominable Snowmen is a 6-part early Doctor Who adventure that is mostly missing from the BBC archives. In order to watch the serial, I’ve found the “Loose Cannon” reconstructed version of the missing episodes (all episodes except episode 2).  This version employs the […]

176-178. The Abominable Snowmen, episode 4 – 6