Doctor Who

The Mind Robber, from 1968, is the second adventure in season 6 of Doctor Who.  Starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor, together with Frazer Hines as Jamie, Wendy Padbury as Zoe, and supported by Emrys Jones as The Master and Bernard Horsfall as Gulliver. Escaping from the volcano of the […]

214-218. The Mind Robber

In some circles, the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who is known as “the monster era” and, if you look to his first two years the adventures are filled with Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti, Ice Warriors, and much more.  It’s probably a reputation that’s deserving.  Sad, though, that most of those […]

209-213. The Dominators

The penultimate adventure from Patrick Troughton’s second season as Doctor Who no longer exists in the BBC archives, and so I’ve been watching the episodes thanks to the telesnap reconstruction by Loose Cannon.  Fury from the Deep features the second Doctor alongside Jamie and Victoria, and was to see Victoria […]

197-202. Fury from the Deep

The final adventure in Big Finish‘s The Second Doctor Volume 01 from their Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles range sees the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe, arriving on an asteroid at The Edge. As a scientific hub of experimentation, The Edge quickly attracts the Doctor and Zoe’s attention and they’re […]

10.04 The Edge

The third of four adventures in The Second Doctor Volume 01 from the Big Finish range of The Companion Chronicles is The Integral.  This story, written by David Bartlett and directed by Lisa Bowerman, opens with a scientist doing experiments on an apparently violent madman. In the TARDIS, Jamie and […]

10.03 The Integral

The second of four adventures in The Second Doctor Volume 01 from the Big Finish range of The Companion Chronicles is The Story of Extinction.  This story, written by Ian Atkins and directed by Lisa Bowerman, sees the TARDIS crew arrive on an apparently long-dead planet. The 2nd Doctor, together […]

10.02 The Story of Extinction

We travel right back to the Sixties with The Second Doctor Volume 01 from the Big Finish range of The Companion Chronicles.  This volume consists of four adventures, approximately one-hour long each, with behind-the-scenes chats.  Each story is, as expected, from the 2nd Doctor’s era of Doctor Who and are […]

10.01 The Mouthless Dead

This Sporting Life is the fifth story from Big Finish‘s sixth series of Doctor Who: Short Trips, this time featuring the First Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Dodo.  The title is a play on the 1963 Richard Harris film This Sporting Life which featured, among others, William Hartnell. This Sporting Life […]

DWST6.05 – This Sporting Life

I’ve always considered the Philip Hinchcliffe/Robert Holmes era of Doctor Who as being one of consistently high quality.  There isn’t really a bad story there. Its strength and its weakness is of drawing on genres that were exploited by the likes of Hammer Horror around the same time.  Some might […]

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents, volume 1

Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) and Professor George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) have experienced a much welcome and long overdue resurgence, thanks to the audio adventures of Jago & Litefoot from Big Finish.  They have had many adventures over a number of box-sets, and they’ve straddled forth to meet and journey […]

4DA2.04 The Justice of Jalxar

I listened to the first half of Big Finish‘s The Spectre of Lanyon Moor during a run today.  Starring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor, travelling with Evelyn Smythe (Maggie Stables), The Spectre of Lanyon Moor includes the first meeting between the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney) and this incarnation of the […]

9. The Spectre of Lanyon Moor