Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

The latest newsletter from Big Finish offers a free download of episode one of The Third Doctor Adventures, volume 5. For some time, Big Finish have been producing Third Doctor adventures with the late Jon Pertwee replaced by the vocal talents of Tim Treloar. This Third Doctor has been joined […]

5.1A. Doctor Who: Primord Part 1

Time Heals is Big Finish’s first “full” UNIT adventure from 2004, before the new TV series reinvented the organisation.  It stars Siri O’Neal as Colonel Emily Chaudhry, providing some continuity with the previous mini-adventure UNIT: The Coup.  Also featuring Nicholas Deal as Colonel Robert Dalton, with Nicholas Courtney guest-starring as […]

UNIT 1.1 : Time Heals

In UNIT : The Coup, the first of Big Finish‘s UNIT adventures, Lethbridge-Stewart is wheeled out to be the public face of UNIT during a time of transition.  The UK branch of UNIT is ceding authority to a new organisation (given recent events in the news, the unfortunately-titled ISIS). As Lethbridge-Stewart prepares […]

UNIT : The Coup