Having just finished listening to Big Finish‘s original five UNIT adventures from 2004/2005, it seems appropriate to next listen to the first of their “New UNIT” adventures based on the version of UNIT created by the modern TV series with Kate Stewart in charge and Osgood as her scientific genius. […]

UNIT 1. Extinction, part 1 – Vanguard

With the death of Colonel Dalton in the previous adventure, Colonel Chaudhry (Siri O’Neal) is joined this time by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney).  After a story dealing with time experiments, one dealing with an invisible alien vampire, and the third with a right-wing uprising, it seems that the only box […]

UNIT 1.4 : The Wasting

Time Heals is Big Finish’s first “full” UNIT adventure from 2004, before the new TV series reinvented the organisation.  It stars Siri O’Neal as Colonel Emily Chaudhry, providing some continuity with the previous mini-adventure UNIT: The Coup.  Also featuring Nicholas Deal as Colonel Robert Dalton, with Nicholas Courtney guest-starring as […]

UNIT 1.1 : Time Heals

The Screaming Skull, by Jonathan Morris, continues with Mike Yates and his close friend, Lt Jane Lucas (Rachel Atkins) under the influence and control of Mr Rees.  Captain Matheson is able to break the control using the device Professor Jensen developed back in the 60s. Sato falls into the clutches […]

The Screaming Skull, cont’d

The Screaming Skull is the third of four parts that makes up The Worlds of Doctor Who from Big Finish Productions.  Whilst the first part gave us Jago & Litefoot in Mind Games, and the second involved Counter-Measures in The Reesinger Process, The Screaming Skull involves UNIT Captain Ruth Matheson […]

The Screaming Skull

The final 75 minutes of The Third Doctor Adventures, volume 1 consists of behind-the-scenes interviews for both stories.  The most interesting of the two is listening to discussons of how it came to be that Tim Treloar was chosen to play the third Doctor, and how Treloar prepares his voice. The […]

Behind the Scenes of The Third Doctor Adventures volume 1

In the final episode, the cliff-hanger from The Havoc of Empires, part 3 is resolved when it turns out that the dangerous carnivorous deadly alien eels can be thwarted by hiding behind a cargo box. Jo rescues the Doctor from his guards and they each take a gun to shepherd the […]

The Havoc of Empires, part 4

The third part of Big Finish‘s The Havoc of Empires, by Andy Lane, continues with the Doctor being arrested as the guilty saboteur.  Jo and Mike try to assuage the accusation that they’re involved as well. The Chalnoth see the sabotage as a direct attack against their Regent and want […]

The Havoc of Empires, part 3

Following on from The Havoc of Empires, part 1, by Andy Lane, part 2 sees our heroes cut off from the TARDIS once again (not that they’d leave a situation unresolved anyway, even though they keep saying that getting to the TARDIS is their goal). Jo, as Alex, begins investigating […]

The Havoc of Empires, part 2

The Havoc of Empires, by Andy Lane, is the second story in Big Finish’s The Third Doctor Adventures, volume 1 box-set from Big Finish.  Featuring, as before, Tim Treloar as the voice of the Third Doctor and narrator, together with Katy Manning as Jo Grant and Richard Franklin as Mike Yates. […]

The Havoc of Empires, part 1