Nicholas Courtney

I listened to the first half of Big Finish‘s The Spectre of Lanyon Moor during a run today.  Starring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor, travelling with Evelyn Smythe (Maggie Stables), The Spectre of Lanyon Moor includes the first meeting between the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney) and this incarnation of the […]

9. The Spectre of Lanyon Moor

With the death of Colonel Dalton in the previous adventure, Colonel Chaudhry (Siri O’Neal) is joined this time by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney).  After a story dealing with time experiments, one dealing with an invisible alien vampire, and the third with a right-wing uprising, it seems that the only box […]

UNIT 1.4 : The Wasting

Time Heals is Big Finish’s first “full” UNIT adventure from 2004, before the new TV series reinvented the organisation.  It stars Siri O’Neal as Colonel Emily Chaudhry, providing some continuity with the previous mini-adventure UNIT: The Coup.  Also featuring Nicholas Deal as Colonel Robert Dalton, with Nicholas Courtney guest-starring as […]

UNIT 1.1 : Time Heals

UNIT: The Coup, from 2004 when UNIT still stood for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, opens with a battle on London’s Tower Bridge against an unknown foe.  It’s the eve of UNIT’s final hour which sees them cede authority and responsible to the Internal Counter Intelligence Service (somewhat awkwardly shortened […]

UNIT 1.0 : The Coup

Previously … Helicon Prime … The third story in Big Finish‘s second series of Companion Chronicles is the third to feature one of the Doctor’s male companions, in this case the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney).  The number of male companions on the TV show are in a minority compared to female […]

CC2.03 Old Soldiers

The second episode of Masters of War is a full 90-minutes long, and you’d think that was too long for the second half of a story.  However, that’s not the case here.  The duration helps to ensure that each key character – the Doctor (David Warner), the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney), […]

Masters of War, episode 2

The eighth story in Big Finish‘s Doctor Who Unbound range is a sequel to Sympathy for the Devil which saw an alternative version of the third Doctor (David Warner) teaming up with a retired Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) during a time of crisis exasperated by the machinations of […]

Masters of War, episode 1

Whilst trying to prove who he is to the Brigadier, who hasn’t seen the Doctor since his second incarnation, they hear a plane overhead as it heads towards the hills and crashes.  They hear it, but don’t see it.  When the Brigadier talks of a scientist that defected, the Doctor wonders if […]

Sympathy for the Devil, continued…

Sympathy for the Devil is the second adventure in Big Finish‘s Doctor Who Unbound range.  This range poses a number of “What if..?” scenarios on Doctor Who, such as What if… the Doctor and Susan had never left Gallifrey? or What if… the Doctor had not been UNIT’s scientific advisor?  […]

Sympathy for the Devil

Doctor Who, season 3 continues … The Daleks’ Master Plan is the title of an epic 12-part Doctor Who adventure featuring the first Doctor, William Hartnell.  Most of the story is no longer in the BBC archives and so I’ll be watching most episodes thanks to CGI recreations from Who […]

89. The Nightmare Begins – 94. Coronas of the Sun

In UNIT : The Coup, the first of Big Finish‘s UNIT adventures, Lethbridge-Stewart is wheeled out to be the public face of UNIT during a time of transition.  The UK branch of UNIT is ceding authority to a new organisation (given recent events in the news, the unfortunately-titled ISIS). As Lethbridge-Stewart prepares […]

UNIT : The Coup