The Worlds of Doctor Who

The Screaming Skull, by Jonathan Morris, continues with Mike Yates and his close friend, Lt Jane Lucas (Rachel Atkins) under the influence and control of Mr Rees.  Captain Matheson is able to break the control using the device Professor Jensen developed back in the 60s. Sato falls into the clutches […]

The Screaming Skull, cont’d

The Screaming Skull is the third of four parts that makes up The Worlds of Doctor Who from Big Finish Productions.  Whilst the first part gave us Jago & Litefoot in Mind Games, and the second involved Counter-Measures in The Reesinger Process, The Screaming Skull involves UNIT Captain Ruth Matheson […]

The Screaming Skull

Gilmore and Allison take the character development course at the Reesinger Institute, which involves treatments such as immersion therapy, isolation, and interrogation.  They’re kept apart except that the manage to sneak a secret rendezvous. They hear the clock chime, the one that keeps Gilmore awake at night.  They believe it’s […]

The Reesinger Process, cont’d

It’s 1964, many years after Jago & Litefoot dealt with the nefarious Mr Rees and his Mind Games, and a couple of kids are seen playing where they shouldn’t be playing.  The ground beneath them is unstable, and they fall through.  In the hole, they find a curious device.  A little […]

The Reesinger Process

Through Henry Gordon Jago, Litefoot learns that several people have been having nightmares about committing murders, but nightmares aren’t real — are they?  Between them, they link the people with nightmares to the murders and that they had all been previous placed under the “fluence” by Mr Rees.  When Rees […]

Mind Games, cont’d

Mind Games is the first of four stories in the special Big Finish release The Worlds of Doctor Who.  Each of the adventures features a Big Finish range that incorporates either Doctor Who or one of several spin-off series, chosen from Jago & Litefoot, Counter-Measures, UNIT, and Doctor Who itself. The first […]

Mind Games