Justin Richards

Following from The Haunting, episode 1, episode 2 of Jago & Litefoot & Strax : The Haunting from Big Finish begins with the resolution of the cliffhanger.  The cliffhanger of Jago being accosted by Multravers and her gun results in … Litefoot and Strax finding Jago in a confused state, […]

The Haunting, episode 2

I’m not always enamoured of the modern version of Doctor Who and I have such a large collection of Big Finish audios that it’ll be some time before I have the enthusiasm to buy into their offerings from the current era.  But what to do when the modern era mixes […]

The Haunting, episode 1

The third adventure in Big Finish‘s main range of Doctor Who audios, Whispers of Terror, begins in far more familiar territory than the previous adventure, Phantasmagoria.  All the familiar elements from the 80s TV series are there, complete with reassuringly familiar sound effects and background noises/music. The adventure opens with […]

3. Whispers of Terror

Gilmore and Allison take the character development course at the Reesinger Institute, which involves treatments such as immersion therapy, isolation, and interrogation.  They’re kept apart except that the manage to sneak a secret rendezvous. They hear the clock chime, the one that keeps Gilmore awake at night.  They believe it’s […]

The Reesinger Process, cont’d

It’s 1964, many years after Jago & Litefoot dealt with the nefarious Mr Rees and his Mind Games, and a couple of kids are seen playing where they shouldn’t be playing.  The ground beneath them is unstable, and they fall through.  In the hole, they find a curious device.  A little […]

The Reesinger Process

Through Henry Gordon Jago, Litefoot learns that several people have been having nightmares about committing murders, but nightmares aren’t real — are they?  Between them, they link the people with nightmares to the murders and that they had all been previous placed under the “fluence” by Mr Rees.  When Rees […]

Mind Games, cont’d

Mind Games is the first of four stories in the special Big Finish release The Worlds of Doctor Who.  Each of the adventures features a Big Finish range that incorporates either Doctor Who or one of several spin-off series, chosen from Jago & Litefoot, Counter-Measures, UNIT, and Doctor Who itself. The first […]

Mind Games

The final 75 minutes of The Third Doctor Adventures, volume 1 consists of behind-the-scenes interviews for both stories.  The most interesting of the two is listening to discussons of how it came to be that Tim Treloar was chosen to play the third Doctor, and how Treloar prepares his voice. The […]

Behind the Scenes of The Third Doctor Adventures volume 1

The final episode of Prisoners of the Lake, by Justin Richards, sees the adventure end in a suitably explosive climax.  The savage alien race are emerging from their suspended animation, and they’re ready to conquer Earth and enslave humanity! From the airlock, Mike Yates is able to warn Jo and […]

Prisoners of the Lake, finale

Prisoners of the Lake, by Justin Richards, continues as with a gradually unfolding storyline that makes use of its four episodes well.  The cliff-hangers are traditional “scary monster growls at/traps heroes”, but that’s almost to be expected. In the second episode, the Doctor is delayed in his rescue of Jo and Freda […]

Prisoners of the Lake, parts 2 & 3

When Big Finish offered the first in their The Third Doctors Adventures range at a special price (£15 download, instead of £25 download / £30 CD), I was in two minds as to whether to buy it.  I’ve previously listened to a couple of their “recast” Third Doctor efforts – […]

Prisoners of the Lake, part 1

Other than their first full-cast Blake’s 7 adventure Warship, this is my first proper experience of Big Finish’s range of Blake’s 7 audio adventures.  Released in January 2014, Fractures sees the return of as many of the original cast members of Blake’s 7 as were available at the time.  We […]

B7 1.01 – Fractures