The Second Doctor

The final adventure in Big Finish‘s The Second Doctor Volume 01 from their Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles range sees the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe, arriving on an asteroid at The Edge. As a scientific hub of experimentation, The Edge quickly attracts the Doctor and Zoe’s attention and they’re […]

10.04 The Edge

The third of four adventures in The Second Doctor Volume 01 from the Big Finish range of The Companion Chronicles is The Integral.  This story, written by David Bartlett and directed by Lisa Bowerman, opens with a scientist doing experiments on an apparently violent madman. In the TARDIS, Jamie and […]

10.03 The Integral

In Big Finish‘s audio adventure Helicon Prime, Jamie (Frazer Hines), recalls a tale in which he and the 2nd Doctor were caught up in a murder mystery on Helicon Prime but all is not quite what it seems and the Doctor appears to be distracted. The story (Jamie remembering the incident) […]

CC2.02 Helicon Prime

I finally found the time to start listening to some Big Finish audios, and chose The Selachian Gambit last night.  This was offered for £2.99 recently in recognition of the similarly themed bank job TV episode Time Heist. The audio and the TV episode have a lot in common.  Neither […]

CC6.08 The Selachian Gambit