4. The Land of the Dead

I’m trying to find time to listen to some of my many Big Finish audios.  I’m using the Big Finish app on my iPad mini, listening to one episode per night before bed if it’s not too late.

The other day, I started on one of the earliest adventures I have.


Released way back in January 2000, The Land of the Dead is a 5th Doctor and Nyssa tale which sees the TARDIS detect an odd energy source in the past before landing and finding the same energy source.

This leads the Doctor and Nyssa to an unusual museum, with different areas specifically designed to match different environments.  They encounter fearsome creatures outside, which they then find inside, together with another bizarre monster.

The first couple of episodes takes some getting used to.  Whilst Sarah Sutton sounds a lot like Nyssa, Peter Davison’s Doctor sounds much more world-weary than his enthusiastic self from the 80s.  However, you do get used to it after a time.

Some of the sound effects leave a little to be desired, with some moments of nothing but sounds which make you wish for some kind of visual aid or narration.

The story is nothing hugely exciting, more a “monster of the week” kind of thing, but it’s listenable enough.