Jonathan Morris

The Fifth Doctor Box Set from Big Finish sees a return to the early days of the Fifth Doctor’s adventures. His companions are all present, including Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and, for the first time, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse).  The set consists of two four-part adventures, plus a behind-the-scenes […]


The Screaming Skull, by Jonathan Morris, continues with Mike Yates and his close friend, Lt Jane Lucas (Rachel Atkins) under the influence and control of Mr Rees.  Captain Matheson is able to break the control using the device Professor Jensen developed back in the 60s. Sato falls into the clutches […]

The Screaming Skull, cont’d

The first story of the second season of the Fouth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish opens with a strange weasely man taking his fiancée home to meet his aunt and guardian.  It isn’t long before we discover that the aunt isn’t just giving her approval for the upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, […]

4DA2.01 The Auntie Matter

Becoming a little disillusioned as I am with the BBC’s feeble efforts at celebrating Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary this year, I’ve been tempted to spend some time browsing the Big Finish catalogue of audios.  My present budget restricts my selection to the most affordable releases only, but there are a […]

Voyage to Venus