Tom Baker

Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) and Professor George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) have experienced a much welcome and long overdue resurgence, thanks to the audio adventures of Jago & Litefoot from Big Finish.  They have had many adventures over a number of box-sets, and they’ve straddled forth to meet and journey […]

4DA2.04 The Justice of Jalxar

The final adventure of the third season of Big Finish’s Fourth Doctor Adventures see Leela (Louise Jameson) and the Doctor (Tom Baker) landing on a planet, Garros, that reminds Leela a little of home. They’re captured as possible assassins during some down time for a team of Earth Force Knights. […]

4DA3.08 Zygon Hunt

The Ghost Trap is a 2015 release from Big Finish‘s “Short Trips” range, and is the first time I’ve experienced this version of the range.  Short Trips are effectively narrated audiobooks by a key cast member.  The narration lasts for around a half-hour, and has some additional audio effects to […]

DWST5.04 – The Ghost Trap

The first story of the second season of the Fouth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish opens with a strange weasely man taking his fiancée home to meet his aunt and guardian.  It isn’t long before we discover that the aunt isn’t just giving her approval for the upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, […]

4DA2.01 The Auntie Matter

The final episode eventually reveals the Master’s real plan.  It’s a typical over-complicated plan with the necessary apocalyptic consequences to resolve a relatively minor problem.  Very Master-like.  And the Doctor solves all the problems in a typical non-apocalyptic sideways look at the danger. In all, this has been a great […]

4DA1.06 The Oseidon Adventure, cont’d

The Oseideon Adventure continues directly on from Trail of the White Worm. It’s not entirely necessary to have listened to the previous adventure prior to this one, except that the cliffhanger that begins the adventure would be a little confusing if you come into it fresh. The non-spoiler review is […]

4DA1.06 The Oseidon Adventure

Now this is more like it! Whether it’s because this story continues on a second CD, thus making it a four-parter (I guess), is something that’ll be made clear later however, the first episode is much better than anything else of this first season of the 4th Doctor Adventures from […]

4DA1.05 Trail of the White Worm

The Daleks’ plan turned out to be slightly different than I surmised, with the energy being used to create an energy cocoon around the Earth to use gravity to throw the moon out of orbit and cause such destruction on Earth that the humans will be made extinct before they […]

4DA1.04 Energy of the Daleks, cont’d

The Energy of the Daleks from Big Finish is an example of how the two-episode limitation shows itself up, like a nooWHO episode, of being too short.  Even though each episode is 30 minutes, giving us a 1hr adventure, rather than 45 minutes on TV, you can tell that the […]

4DA1.04 Energy of the Daleks

I listened to the rest of The Wrath of the Iceni last night and, sadly, it doesn’t improve much. There is no real plot to the story beyond the Doctor getting locked up, escaping (thanks to a woman), caught, locked up again, escaping (thanks to Leela), etc, before he finally […]

4DA1.03 The Wrath of the Iceni, cont’d

I started listening to the third instalment from the 4th Doctor’s first season of Big Finish adventures last night. It starts of with a pretty good premise – the Doctor and Leela land, who knows where, as the Doctor continues educating the savage.  They hear the sound of battle, and […]

4DA1.03 The Wrath of the Iceni

Most of the story to The Renaissance Man happens in episode one, leaving the second episode to flounder a little. The cliffhanger of the Doctor and Leela being framed for murder goes nowhere and is dropped immediately, leaving space for some running down corridors, before the Doctor reveals that he’d already […]

4DA1.02 The Renaissance Man, cont’d