Marc Platt

The third adventure in the first series of Big Finish‘s Blakes 7 full-cast audio adventures, Drones by Marc Platt, follows on directly from the previous adventure, Battleground.  Released in March 2014, Drones features all surviving members of the original Blakes 7 cast ably assisted by Alistair Lock as Orac and […]

B7 1.03 – Drones

I bought Thin Ice from Big Finish‘s range of audio ‘Lost Stories’ during a special offer in 2014, but I hadn’t got around to listening to it.  Now that I’ve listened to UNIT: Dominion and I’m more familiar with Raine Creevey as the 7th Doctor’s companion, it seemed like the […]

LS2.03 – Thin Ice

I’ve always considered the Philip Hinchcliffe/Robert Holmes era of Doctor Who as being one of consistently high quality.  There isn’t really a bad story there. Its strength and its weakness is of drawing on genres that were exploited by the likes of Hammer Horror around the same time.  Some might […]

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents, volume 1

I’ve always been a little reluctant to delve into the Big Finish range of The Companion Chronicles.  When it comes to Doctor Who, I prefer the live-action TV series. In the absence of that, a full-cast audio serves almost as well.  The idea of an audio with a single voice […]

CC1.01 Frostfire

Following on from Blood & Earth, the previous adventure in the Blake’s 7 – The Early Years series from b7media, Flag & Flame by Marc Platt is another “Cally” story.  Unlike the previous one and despite what the CD sleeve would have you believe, Flag & Flame doesn’t feature Jan Chappell reprising […]

Blake’s 7 – The Early Years : 5. Flag & ...

In Rebel, the first episode of Blake’s 7 – The Audio Adventures by b7media, the new cast effectively took us through an abridged version of the televised episodes The Way Back, Space Fall, and Cygnus Alpha, whilst missing out great chunks of what made those episodes great on TV. This […]

Blake’s 7 – The Audio Adventures : 2. Traitor

I listened to the first part of Spare Parts from Big Finish last night and really enjoyed it.  Spare Parts is the 34th story in their Doctor Who: Main Range series and features Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, accompanied by Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.  This is a full-cast adventure […]

34. Spare Parts, episode 1