Sylvester McCoy

Crime of the Century by Andrew Cartmel is one of the “lost stories” that was planned for the TV series but didn’t make it to the screen due to the series’ cancellation.  Here we have Big Finish‘s audio version.  This is a difficult story to describe, as it doesn’t seem […]

LS2.04 – Crime of the Century

I bought Thin Ice from Big Finish‘s range of audio ‘Lost Stories’ during a special offer in 2014, but I hadn’t got around to listening to it.  Now that I’ve listened to UNIT: Dominion and I’m more familiar with Raine Creevey as the 7th Doctor’s companion, it seemed like the […]

LS2.03 – Thin Ice

UNIT: Dominion is an epic four-hour audio adventure from Big Finish.  Written by Nicholas Briggs and Jason Arnopp, script edited by Nicholas Briggs, with an extra UNIT: Dominion documentary edited and produced by Martin Montague, this is a 7th Doctor and Raine story involving UNIT and the return of one […]

UNIT: Dominion

The fifth adventure in Big Finish‘s main range of Doctor Who audios, The Fearmonger, uses the political backdrop of an upcoming election to introduce a new alien “monster”. The cover photo suggests some kind of politically-heavy right-wing bashing storyline but what we get is a somewhat confused meandering story of […]

5. The Fearmonger

My review of All-Consuming Fire ends in a typical Doctor Who / explosion style ending. Once it was over, I found myself wondering what Sherlock Holmes and Watson were really doing in the story.  After the second episode, they contributed little.  In the third episode, Benny took over for Sherlock […]

8. All-Consuming Fire, cont’d

The second episode of Big Finish‘s adaptation of All-Consuming Fire continued from the first, beginning with a “mission report” from Ace who doesn’t seem to be very involved in the adventure right now. The usual issues with audio adventures arise, such as not really being sure what certain noises and […]

8. All-Consuming Fire, cont’d

All-Consuming Fire is a Big Finish audio adventure based on the original 1994 Andy Lane Doctor Who New Adventures novel as adapted by Guy Adams, and features the 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) in a Sherlock Holmes (Nicholas Briggs) adventure. The story opens with the Sherlock Holmes music followed by Watson (Richard […]

8. All-Consuming Fire

Previously … The Assassination Games And so, 1963: The Assassination Games ends with the expected running about, gunfire, explosions, etc.  Suitably epic stuff that would no doubt have looked good on the small screen. Ultimately, though, you come away with the sense that the author got lost in his own narrative […]

1963: The Assassination Games, finale

Previously … The Assassination Games, episode 3 I listened to the first half of the last episode of 1963: The Assassination Games last night, but was too tired to continue it. This half of the episode tells us precisely what’s going on, what the whole plot is, what everyone’s doing, and […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 4

Previously … The Assassination Games, episode 2 I’ve listened to the third episode of 1963: The Assassination Games now and, sad to say, I’m having a tough time with it. It comes across like a political talkfest.  It feels like the writer has gone to great efforts to give the […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 3

Previously … The Assassination Games, episode 1 The second episode of 1963: The Assassination Games sees more input from the Doctor and Ace, and we follow through with Rachel and Allison going undercover. Much of the story is politically-heavy, which doesn’t necessarily make for much excitement.  Fortunately, both Sylvester McCoy and […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 2