The First Doctor

This Sporting Life is the fifth story from Big Finish‘s sixth series of Doctor Who: Short Trips, this time featuring the First Doctor, Steven Taylor, and Dodo.  The title is a play on the 1963 Richard Harris film This Sporting Life which featured, among others, William Hartnell. This Sporting Life […]

DWST6.05 – This Sporting Life

David Bradley did a sterling job bringing the emotional struggles of William Hartnell, the First Doctor, to the screen in the BBC docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.  The accuracies of the docudrama to one side for a moment, one can’t help to have been caught up in the […]

1DA1.01 – The Destination Wars, part 1

Domain of the Voord continues in the same way as the first episode and played out largely like a typical “First Doctor Adventure”.  We do lose Barbara and the Doctor for the biggest chunk of the middle of the story, and Ian and Susan are separated.  Ian gets thrown in […]

EDA1.01 – Domain of the Voord, episodes 2-4

The TARDIS lands on a sailing ship on an alien world that is mostly ocean, with one major land mass (this isn’t Marinus).  At first taken for stowaways, and then spies, and then sources of information, The Doctor, Barbara, Ian, and Susan become separated from the TARDIS when they’re taken […]

EDA1.01 – Domain of the Voord, episode 1

Following on from its sixth segment, Short Trips (Volume 3) from Big Finish again continues with a short interlude which is, this time, narrated/voiced by William Russell who does a fair job with Hartnell’s voice.  The First Doctor (with Susan) befuddles the android with a simple trick – the android is […]

Short Trips, volume 3 : segment 7

The fifth adventure in series seven of Big Finish‘s Companion Chronicles range does what it says on the tin and it sees the Return of the Rocket Men.  This time they’re encountered by Steven (Peter Purves) with the first Doctor and Dodo.  The villain of the Rocket Men is this […]

CC7.05 Return of the Rocket Men

The second adventure in the sixth series of Big Finish‘s range of Doctor Who Companion Chronicles is performed by William Russell.  The Rocket Men is very much a “first era” adventure, from a time before the series knew what was to come with Time Lords, Gallifrey, and all the other […]

CC6.02 The Rocket Men