John Dorney

Iterations of I by John Dorney is the second adventure in Big Finish‘s The Fifth Doctor Box Set and includes the same regular TARDIS crew as the previous adventure.  Psychodrome ended with Tegan’s insistence that she wanted to return to Heathrow and yet, in Iterations of I, she’s over that […]

Iterations of I

Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) and Professor George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) have experienced a much welcome and long overdue resurgence, thanks to the audio adventures of Jago & Litefoot from Big Finish.  They have had many adventures over a number of box-sets, and they’ve straddled forth to meet and journey […]

4DA2.04 The Justice of Jalxar

The second adventure in the sixth series of Big Finish‘s range of Doctor Who Companion Chronicles is performed by William Russell.  The Rocket Men is very much a “first era” adventure, from a time before the series knew what was to come with Time Lords, Gallifrey, and all the other […]

CC6.02 The Rocket Men

Previously … The Assassination Games And so, 1963: The Assassination Games ends with the expected running about, gunfire, explosions, etc.  Suitably epic stuff that would no doubt have looked good on the small screen. Ultimately, though, you come away with the sense that the author got lost in his own narrative […]

1963: The Assassination Games, finale

Previously … The Assassination Games, episode 3 I listened to the first half of the last episode of 1963: The Assassination Games last night, but was too tired to continue it. This half of the episode tells us precisely what’s going on, what the whole plot is, what everyone’s doing, and […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 4

Previously … The Assassination Games, episode 2 I’ve listened to the third episode of 1963: The Assassination Games now and, sad to say, I’m having a tough time with it. It comes across like a political talkfest.  It feels like the writer has gone to great efforts to give the […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 3

Previously … The Assassination Games, episode 1 The second episode of 1963: The Assassination Games sees more input from the Doctor and Ace, and we follow through with Rachel and Allison going undercover. Much of the story is politically-heavy, which doesn’t necessarily make for much excitement.  Fortunately, both Sylvester McCoy and […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 2

The last of the “1963” themed main range adventures from Big Finish is, at least as far as the first episode goes, more of a Counter Measures adventure that happens to feature the 7th Doctor and Ace. Counter Measures is the name created to represent the group led by Group […]

1963: The Assassination Games, episode 1

I listened to the rest of The Wrath of the Iceni last night and, sadly, it doesn’t improve much. There is no real plot to the story beyond the Doctor getting locked up, escaping (thanks to a woman), caught, locked up again, escaping (thanks to Leela), etc, before he finally […]

4DA1.03 The Wrath of the Iceni, cont’d

I started listening to the third instalment from the 4th Doctor’s first season of Big Finish adventures last night. It starts of with a pretty good premise – the Doctor and Leela land, who knows where, as the Doctor continues educating the savage.  They hear the sound of battle, and […]

4DA1.03 The Wrath of the Iceni