1963: The Assassination Games, episode 3


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I’ve listened to the third episode of 1963: The Assassination Games now and, sad to say, I’m having a tough time with it.

It comes across like a political talkfest.  It feels like the writer has gone to great efforts to give the five primary characters something to do, and to great efforts to have them feel “right”, but has let the story suffer.

It’s not so much an adventure than it is the characters talking at you, then cut to other characters talking at you, and cut back again.  I find I’m listening to the dialogue but none of it is sinking in to get the story flowing.  After three episodes, I really couldn’t tell you what the story is about.

I’m hoping the final episode picks up but, to be honest, I’d hoped for so much more for what should have felt far more like the action/adventure we enjoyed on TV.  As it stands, four episodes is, while great for the characters, far too long for the story.

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