1963: The Assassination Games, episode 1


The last of the “1963” themed main range adventures from Big Finish is, at least as far as the first episode goes, more of a Counter Measures adventure that happens to feature the 7th Doctor and Ace.

Counter Measures is the name created to represent the group led by Group Captain Gilmore (Simon Williams) from Remembrance of the Daleks, and featuring other characters from that same adventure such as Rachel Jensen (Pamela Salem) and Allison Williams (Karen Gledhill).

Williams’ Gilmore sounds quite a bit older than in the 80s adventure, but Pamela Salem sounds exactly the same as she’s always sounded – making the former far more forgiveable.

Gilmore is assigned protection duty but fails to prevent an assassination.  He chases the culprint but ends up facing the dangerous end of the assassin’s gun.  Just as everything looks bleak, a certain umbrella-wielding Time Lord appears and saves Gilmore from what looks like certain death.  Gilmore captures the assassin, but the Doctor has vanished.  His mere appearance, however, gives the Group Captain grave misgivings.

Sir Toby Kinsella (Hugh Ross) has a special mission for Gilmore, who only agrees to to it after he learns that Rachel has been duped into investigating also, and Allison has gone undercover.  Gilmore demands to meet the minister that’s pulling all the strings and, when he arrives at his office, he turns out to be a short eccentric fellow with an umbrella.

This slowly burning story unfolds at a steady pace and the only thing you may keep thinking is “where is the Doctor?” but, really, this should be considered a taster of the Counter Measures series with the appearance of the Doctor as a safety net.  I’ve listened to just the first episode so far and I’m really quite enjoying it, so I may well listen to Counter Measures once I’ve finished this adventure (I do have the first series box-set from when it was available for a reduced price).

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