The sixth adventure in Big Finish‘s main range of Doctor Who audios, The Marian Conspiracy, sees the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) solo until he meets up with historian Dr Evelyn Smith (played by fan favourite Maggie Stables). The Doctor is tracing a dangerous “nexus” that takes him to a lecture […]

6. The Marian Conspiracy, episode 1

The fifth adventure in Big Finish‘s main range of Doctor Who audios, The Fearmonger, uses the political backdrop of an upcoming election to introduce a new alien “monster”. The cover photo suggests some kind of politically-heavy right-wing bashing storyline but what we get is a somewhat confused meandering story of […]

5. The Fearmonger

The third adventure in Big Finish‘s main range of Doctor Who audios, Whispers of Terror, begins in far more familiar territory than the previous adventure, Phantasmagoria.  All the familiar elements from the 80s TV series are there, complete with reassuringly familiar sound effects and background noises/music. The adventure opens with […]

3. Whispers of Terror

Following the first episode of the second Big Finish audio production, Phantasmagoria, I’ve been listening to the remaining three episodes over recent evenings and, last night, I finished the final episode.  For the most part, I’m glad it’s over. The positives are that it plays like an adventure that may […]

2. Phantasmagoria, parts 2-4

Phantasmagoria is the second Doctor Who audio adventure from Big Finish, released in 1999, after their initial outing with The Sirens of Time.  Written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Nicholas Briggs, and starring Peter Davison (the 5th Doctor), Mark Strickson (Turlough), with David Walliams, Nicholas Briggs, Mark Gatiss, and others. […]

2. Phantasmagoria, part 1

Actually, I couldn’t think of a better title to say “The Three Doctors, but not those three…”.  As I’ve recently been turning some of my CD collection into iPod tracks and having stumbled across a couple of audio Doctor Who‘s that I bought some years ago but didn’t listen to, […]

The Three Doctors – reloaded!