Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) and Professor George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) have experienced a much welcome and long overdue resurgence, thanks to the audio adventures of Jago & Litefoot from Big Finish.  They have had many adventures over a number of box-sets, and they’ve straddled forth to meet and journey […]

4DA2.04 The Justice of Jalxar

Following on from its third segment, Short Trips (Volume 3) from Big Finish continues with a short interlude, again narrated/voiced by Nicholas Briggs.  The 4th Doctor (with Romana) deals encounter the android guard this time, and the Doctor is quick to entangle it in his scarf and block its visual […]

Short Trips, volume 3 : segment 4

Previously … The Blue Tooth … The Beautiful People is the fourth in the Big Finish‘s Companion Chronicles range, first released in 2007.  As with previous offerings in this range, this is an enhanced audiobook read by a single voice (in this case, Lalla Ward) with support from a second […]

CC1.04 The Beautiful People