The Light at The End, Deluxe CD


I received the physical set of The Light at the End yesterday.

This is the “deluxe CD” presentation.  It consists of two parts – a solid outer sleeve and an inner hardback book.  Together they’re a little larger than a DVD case but would fit on your shelf of trade size (6″x9″) books.

The outer case features the familiar image on the front with a blurb and cast list on the back.  There’s also a holographic sticker indicating which of the 10,000 copies this “limited edition” is.  The vinyl-release’s exclusive lenticular image is not present.

The hardback interior is roughly the same as the outer box.  The pages inside are made up from five “pockets” for the CDs (the two main ones at the front, the other three at the back) and several pages written in the form of a report from the Celestial Intervention Agency about the story without giving away too much of the plot.

Each Doctor is given an overview, including photos from their era with the companion that appears with them.  There’s a double-page modern photo of the five existing Doctors together in the same room (a library, I think), and a similar double-page modern photo of the main companions – Nyssa, Leela, Peri, Charlie, and Ace.

There are other photos on four other pages, including modern photos of Vicki, Ian with Susan, Sara Kingdom, Polly, Steven, Jamie with Zoe, Jo, Turlough, Tegan, and Geoffrey Beevers.

Two other pages provide a full case & credits list with the remaining two pages summarising the remaining three CDs complete with a photo of William Russell and (I presume) Sharon Small who both feature in the companion chronicles The Revenants.

It’s quite a nice collectors piece.  I would say that it is worth the extra £15 premium over the download version – if you’ve a mind to collect anything in this 50th Anniversary year.  If you’re not that kind of a fan, then you’ll only be downloading the standard release of the story for £12.99 anyway which is, really, all that’s essential.  The rest is fan squee.