Peter Davison

Iterations of I by John Dorney is the second adventure in Big Finish‘s The Fifth Doctor Box Set and includes the same regular TARDIS crew as the previous adventure.  Psychodrome ended with Tegan’s insistence that she wanted to return to Heathrow and yet, in Iterations of I, she’s over that […]

Iterations of I

The Fifth Doctor Box Set from Big Finish sees a return to the early days of the Fifth Doctor’s adventures. His companions are all present, including Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and, for the first time, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse).  The set consists of two four-part adventures, plus a behind-the-scenes […]


Following on from its third segment, Short Trips (Volume 3) from Big Finish continues with a short interlude, again narrated/voiced by Nicholas Briggs.  The 4th Doctor (with Romana) deals encounter the android guard this time, and the Doctor is quick to entangle it in his scarf and block its visual […]

Short Trips, volume 3 : segment 4

Return to the Web Planet should really be called Return to Vortis, because it’s not a “web” planet any more.  It’s some hundreds of years after the Doctor originally visited Vortis and he’s decided it might be a nice place to settle down for a rest.  How many adventures proceed […]

Return to the Web Planet

Big Finish‘s 200th main range adventure sees the merging of two eras of Doctor Who. The Secret History sees Steven (Peter Purves) and Vicki (Maureen O’Brien) team up with the fith incarnation of the Doctor (Peter Davison). The first episode opens with a magical scene, the type that we watch […]

200. The Secret History

Following the first episode of the second Big Finish audio production, Phantasmagoria, I’ve been listening to the remaining three episodes over recent evenings and, last night, I finished the final episode.  For the most part, I’m glad it’s over. The positives are that it plays like an adventure that may […]

2. Phantasmagoria, parts 2-4

Phantasmagoria is the second Doctor Who audio adventure from Big Finish, released in 1999, after their initial outing with The Sirens of Time.  Written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Nicholas Briggs, and starring Peter Davison (the 5th Doctor), Mark Strickson (Turlough), with David Walliams, Nicholas Briggs, Mark Gatiss, and others. […]

2. Phantasmagoria, part 1

I’m trying to find time to listen to some of my many Big Finish audios.  I’m using the Big Finish app on my iPad mini, listening to one episode per night before bed if it’s not too late. The other day, I started on one of the earliest adventures I […]

4. The Land of the Dead

I received the physical set of The Light at the End yesterday. This is the “deluxe CD” presentation.  It consists of two parts – a solid outer sleeve and an inner hardback book.  Together they’re a little larger than a DVD case but would fit on your shelf of trade […]

The Light at The End, Deluxe CD

The Light at the End encouraged me to seek out Big Finish’s first multi-Doctor story from way back in 1999 and I began listening to the first part of The Sirens of Time last night to see how it compares to their latest multi-Doctor adventure. The following review may contain […]

1. The Sirens of Time

In an act that almost brought down their servers and crippled their website, Big Finish released The Light at the End one month early (yesterday, 23rd October). Needless to say, everyone wanted to download it at the same time.  I was able to download it and I listened to it […]

The Light at The End

I listened to the first part of Spare Parts from Big Finish last night and really enjoyed it.  Spare Parts is the 34th story in their Doctor Who: Main Range series and features Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, accompanied by Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.  This is a full-cast adventure […]

34. Spare Parts, episode 1